I am F.T. Rick Bedsworth, Eagle (Sept 1973) w/Bronze palm, Troop 262 Hawthorne, CA and Vigil Honor Siwinis Lodge (Sept 1974) 252.  I began collecting while on Philmont Staff 1974.  I started like most on flaps but as I learned about all the in's and out's, I soon switched to Council Shoulder Patches (CSP) but with a twist:  I collect only general issue so as to keep this on a semi-sane level.  The twist is that I include 4 levels to this:

1/ T- (twill) issue wo/fleur-de-lis (fdl) -BSA

2/ T- issue W/ fdl-BSA

3/ S- (solid) issue wo/fdl-BSA

4/ S- issue W/fdl-BSA

The first issue out is what determines the remaining, if the S- wo is first then the only other would be the S- W/ fdl-BSA.

My interest has also gone back to my youth lodge Siwinis 252 and Mishe Mokwa chapter, so if you have flaps from the lodge and Any items from Mishe Mokwa.  I am very interested in trading.  EMail

I also collect for the International Scouting Museum-Las Vegas, Nevada


It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collects and displays memorabilia of all Scouting and Guiding organizations.  If you desire to Donate/Trade please visit our site.  Or just visit to get an idea of our collections.

Kola Wanji "Friendly One" 

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